3 Best Family Cars for 2017

09/28/2017 00:56:23
3 Best Family Cars for 2017
There’s so much to consider when shopping for your ride, especially if it's a family car. It needs to be good at everything.

When we decide to buy a good family car we always want it to be practical, cheap to run, good to drive, well equipped and good value for money; in other words, it needs to be good at everything. Here are the best family cars to buy.



Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

That we had a difficult time deciding between the Pacifica Hybrid and the Honda Odyssey shows just how far Chrysler has come with its new minivan. On its own, the Pacifica minivan is very, very good. It's a phenomenally useful package that's prettier than any minivan needs to be with interior materials and build quality that rival the best in class. The power sliding doors and liftgate that seem silly to your younger self are transformative when paired with an armful of wriggling baby. But that's old hat for minivans, what really sets the Pacifica apart is the powertrain. This plug-in hybrid mininvan is capable of an EPA-estimated 33 miles on electricity and a total range of 570 miles.



Honda CR-V

This is a no-brainer. Honda does family-friendly functionality like nobody else and the CR-V is a shining example of this. The 2017 model gets two inches more rear legroom which, in practice and paired with the rear doors that open 90-degrees, makes loading carseats a breeze. That it offers center LATCH mounts is gravy. The 2017 Honda CR-V also has available height-adjustable power liftgate, keyless entry and ignition and a suite of active safety features dubbed "Honda Sensing”.



Subaru Impreza

While we highly recommend the two choices already covered, we get that not everyone has the space, desire or budget for a crossover or minivan and for those parents there is the all-new Subaru Impreza. Like the CR-V, the new Impreza got a boost in rear legroom that makes a world of difference for parents. But the new Impreza has more to offer than just rear space. Eyesight, Subaru's available advanced safety system, offers collision mitigation with full-force braking. AWD is standard. There's an available five-door hatchback. It can return up to 32 mpg combined according to the EPA. And, finally, it starts around $20,000.


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